2021 Der Blick der Welt auf Deutschland

Das Projekt Der Blick der Welt auf Deutschland fand in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Anfang 2021 durchgeführten bundesweiten Bürgerrat statt.

Über 160 geloste Bürger haben über Deutschlands Rolle in der Welt gesprochen und 5 Unterthemen tiefer in den Fokus genommen: Demokratie und Rechtsstaat, Frieden und Sicherheit, Wirtschaft und Handel, Nachhaltige Entwicklung und Europäische Union. Video einer Zusammenfassung unten auf dieser Seite.

Ich habe parallel 13 Personen aus 9 verschiedenen Ländern zu ihrem Blick auf  Deutschland befragt und zu spannenden Statements jeweils ein abstraktes Bild erstellt. Die hellgraue Fläche steht jeweils für Deutschland.

Eine Ausstellung mit Dialogveranstaltung in Bad Belzig fand am 26./27. Juni 2021 statt.

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Germany, for hundreds of years, has been a nation blessed with science, art, culture, spiritual growth….. With all of its wealth, power and influence, if it can bring these gifts to the world with humanity and a big heart, in spite…. and even Because Of…. its difficult past in WW2, this example will be a huge influence on the world. It shows that it is always possible to see one’s mistakes and grow from them.“


My wish for Germany is Peacework! and taking a bigger role in the Israel/Palestine crisis for which Germany might be/is intertangled with anyway in relation to its history with the Jewish people.“

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It seems to me that Germany is a central player in the European Union to maintain the bloc’s stability. But Germany is also an example for other European countries in maintaining a strong democracy that accepts diversity, without losing its tradition and attractiveness.“

One characteristic of German people I don’t like is superficiality, to talk about many of the world problems that do not normally affect Germany.“




Germany is respected as an economic power and leader in Europe in the US. The discrepancy of self-awareness lies in the German people’s historical memory the shame of which they still carry.“

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Germany is the defender of human right on the table of world leaders and always tries to solve problems with dialog.“

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In Germany to do any sort of work there is usually some kind of certification or training required. It is very bureaucratic. In the Us there is such things as “self-taught” or self-made and thus a greater fluidity in career choices especially for self-employed people.“

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„Although Germany sometimes uses his sort of economic muscles I do believe that Germany is basically collaborative with other countries. This is a much better way of taking responsibility for the worlds difficulties and moving the things onward. This is the way forward.“

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Germany always claims for peace and justice and is active in this regard. We wish that Germany becomes a permanent member of the UN security council.“

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„As a Nation Germany must reconcile within itself and listen more to what its citizens really want.“

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I think Germany shouldn‘t follow rules 100%,  – 98% is better!“




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